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Dam & Reservoir Monitoring

itmsoil has over 45 years’ experience in the monitoring of dams, reservoirs and associated projects, working on structures and environments on a global scale. We are also able to provide skilled technicians to service existing monitoring equipment on dams and reservoirs.    

Equipment supplied and installed includes: 
Settlement profile systems
Seepage monitoring
Pendulum Systems
Automatic Alarm Messaging telephone, GSM or internet


  • Diamer Bhasha Dam, Pakistan

    itmsoil’s distributors in Pakistan, provided instrumentation at the site of the 4800 megawatt Diamer Bhasha Dam. 

  • Barrage Ahmed El hansali Dam, Morocco

    A wide range of instrumentation was supplied and installted for the Barrage Ahemd El Hansali. The instrumentation supplied falls into two categories; (1) Foundation and fill monitoring, and, (2) concrete joint monitoring.

  • Golabar Dam, Iran

    A number of instruments including standpipe piezometers, V Notch-Weir and Geodetic points were supplied to the Golabar Dam in Iran. 

  • Klong Tha Dan Dam, Thailand

    The instrumentation used for the RCC dams consisted of inverted and direct pendulums, observation wells, vibrating wire jointmeters, survey points, piezometers, thermocouples and seepage flow meters was supplied by itmsoil's distributor in Thailand, Research Equipment. 

  • Marina Barrage, Singapore

    The instrumentation and monitoring for the Marina Barrage was provided by CPG Laboratories with the supply of the In-Place Inclinometers and piezometers from itmsoil.

  • Son La Dam, Vietnam

    itmsoil were chosen to Supply Instrumentation to South East Asia's Largest RCC Dam. 

  • Dafnozara Dam, Greece