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Faraday House, London

Client: Atkins consultant engineers

itmsoil were contracted to monitor BT’s Faraday House Building during the demolition of the adjacent Post Office building and construction of a new luxury hotel, may areas within the Post Office building are used to house BT’s equipment and these areas are to be retained during the construction process.

It was decided that the only way we could monitor this extensive building in a time efficient and cost effective way would be to use our cable free monitoring system. Over the period of installation 125 radio sensors where installed over three levels ranging form the deep level tunnels nearly thirty meters below ground to the basement and in a number of remote areas below the construction site.

There were four types of sensor used in the monitoring the majority were cable free tilt meters and electro level beams located on the structural walls and columns, in addition to these there were ten crack meters installed with in the tunnels leading between the two buildings and two rod extensometers located within two of the shafts.

The data from the instruments is transferred around the building using a number of repeater units and the data is logged using four data loggers at strategic locations around the building. This data is then collected using landline communications once an hour from our offices were the data is processed using our I-Site software and posted to the web for remote viewing using Net-Site, any alarms generated are sent to the customer through SMS and/or e-mail.

Above: Cable free vertical EL Beams

Below: Radio Repeater

Sensors Used:
Cable Free Tilt Sensors
Cable Free Crack Meters
Radio Loggers and Repeaters