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  • VWnote

    The VWnote is a handheld device which takes readings from vibrating wire (VW) sensors and stores them on the internal memory for retrieval later via a USB pen drive.The VWnote can read most commercially available vibrating wire sensors.

  • Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout

    The Vibrating Wire Handheld Readout is capable of reading any Vibrating Wire sensor operating between 400Hz and 6000Hz which covers almost all commercially available VW sensors. 

  • Terminal and Junction Boxes

    Terminal boxes are used for projects that require the integration of cables from multiple instruments into one convenient location.


  • VWread Vibrating Wire Readout

    The VWread is a handheld readout that reads most commercially available geotechnical Vibrating Wire (VW) sensors and built-in thermistor temperature sensors. 

  • The HELM

    The HELM (Handheld Electrolevel Readout and Multimeter) can read electrolytic sensors, DC voltage and can be used as an Ohm meter. It is housed in a lightweight shockproof and splashproof case.