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  • Vibrating Wire Settlement Cell

    The Vibrating Wire Settlement Cell is used for the measurement & control of settlement in soil at a single point. 

  • Hydraulic Overflow Settlement Cell

    For the remote measurement of vertical movement at discrete, inaccessible points within and beneath: Road / rail embankments and rock / earth-fill dams, hydrocarbon storage tanks, building foundations, bridge piers, abutments and retaining walls.

  • Digital Bluetooth Hydrostatic Profile Gauge

    The itmsoil Digital Hydrostatic Profile Gauge system comprises a probe assembly attached to a nylon tube which connects to a reel/hub assembly, data are transfered via a wireless link to a PDA.

  • IS Liquid Levelling System

    The digital IS Liquid Levelling System is an effective tool for precision monitoring of settlements. Typical application areas include monitoring of tunnelling and excavation activities, as well as compensation grouting near structures.