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Vibrating Wire Mini Logger

The Vibrating Wire MiniLogger is a reliable, low cost data logger designed to monitor a single vibrating wire sensor, such as a Vibrating Wire Piezometer or Crackmeter.

Product Features
Four or five MiniLoggers can be deployed for less than the cost of a full size logger
Simple to use and set up
The MiniLogger is rated for temperatures from -20 to +50°C, and its encapsulated electronics are impervious to humidity and condensation
Readings are stored in secure, non-volatile memory
The Mini-Logger Manager retrieves readings and stores them in an ASCII file, ready to open with a spreadsheet program


Typical applications include:
Monitoring small projects, where only a few sensors are installed (one MiniLogger is required for each sensor)
Monitoring single sensors that are too far away to connect to a centralized data acquisition system
Monitoring single sensors in areas where heavy traffic or electrical noise prevents use of long cables
Monitoring single sensors during early phase of construction when centralized data acquisition system is not ready